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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Boilers

Boilers are a great option for home heating and hot water in Victoria, and they are an even better option when you've chosen one that is well suited to your home and your needs. At 4 Seasons, we repair, maintain, and install a variety of furnaces and boilers. Here is a quick overview of the different types of boiler systems and some of the main advantages and disadvantages of each.

Condensing Boilers

Unlike traditional boilers, which need to vent away exhaust gasses, a condensing boiler extracts heat from these gasses and is able to achieve efficiency rates of over 90%. Condensing boilers are growing in popularity as they have steadily grown more and more reliable. One common issue is the possibility of the condensate pipe freezing in cold temperatures. Using pipe insulation or setting a higher boiler thermostat temperature can help prevent this.

Combination Boilers 

A type of condensing boiler, a combination boiler heats water on demand for both your home's central heating and hot water needs. There is no need for a water tank or a storage cylinder, saving a lot of space. One of the most common issues with a combination boiler is a water leak somewhere in the system, which should only be addressed by a professional.

Gas Boilers 

All boilers need an energy source. If your home has a gas connection, then a gas-powered boiler will likely be your most economical option for home heating. They are also a good option for larger homes that use a lot of hot water.

Electric Boilers 

Boilers that run off electricity are generally much more efficient than gas boilers, more compact, and have lower installation costs. They are better suited to smaller homes that don't require as much hot water or heating.

Need Boiler Repair or Maintenance in Victoria? We've Got You Covered 

If you are experiencing an issue with your boiler system that you can't diagnose or fix, then you can trust the heating experts at Victoria's 4 Seasons. We have experience installing and servicing all of the different types of boilers, and we'll perform the necessary repairs to have your boiler running effectively and efficiently again. If it's time for a new boiler, then we can also help you choose the best type for your home.

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