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Comparing Gas and Wood Fireplaces

As Victoria heads into the cold winter months, you may be dreaming about cozying up next to a nice, warm fireplace. If you like this idea so much that you've decided to get a fireplace of your own, then you'll need to decide between a gas fireplace and a wood-burning fireplace. The heating specialists at Victoria's 4 Seasons have put together a guide that compares gas and wood fireplaces to help you choose between the two.

Ease of Use 

In terms of ease of use, it doesn't get simpler than a gas fireplace. At the flick of a switch or the push of a button, the fire instantly gets going. Using a wood fireplace is also fairly easy, but it does require a little more time and effort. You have to load the wood, arrange it, use kindling to start the fire, and sustain the fire for as long as you want it to burn.


If you're after the classic fireplace look and feel complete with crackling logs and the warm ambiance of dancing flames, then a wood fireplace is likely your best choice. However, today's gas fireplaces are more realistic than ever, so it may be worth taking a look to see how you like some gas options as well.


A traditional wood fireplace loses much of its heat up through the chimney, making a gas fireplace the more efficient option for home heating in almost every case. However, there are higher-efficiency wood-burning fireplaces available today as well.


Fireplace cleaning should be a major consideration when deciding on a new fireplace. Of the two options, wood fireplaces are more labour intensive. You'll need to regularly clean the soot and ashes from the fireplace, as well as the soot from the chimney. Improper cleaning and maintenance can pose a fire hazard.

Keep in mind that gas fireplaces, while easier to maintain, do also require a regular fireplace cleaning. Proper maintenance is needed to prevent a carbon monoxide leak. 


The cost of any type of fireplace can vary depending on where and how it is installed, but a gas fireplace is generally going to be the more affordable option, usually by a significant amount. Natural gas is also fairly cheap, so your gas fireplace will likely cost less than the price of an annual firewood supply to run per year.

Learn More About Gas and Wood Fireplaces from Our Experts 

At 4 Seasons, we understand that you want to make the very best decision for your home. Our Victoria fireplace installation experts would be happy to provide you with more information on gas and wood fireplaces. Once you've made your decision, we can also provide you with prompt and professional installation services so that you can start enjoying your new fireplace as soon as possible. If at some point you also need service and maintenance, we can help with that as well.

If you're interested in getting a new fireplace installed in your Victoria home, just contact 4 Seasons today!